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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yoga + Chocolate + Coffee :-)

So I drove to Chicago for a Yoga + Chocolate Workshop by David Romanelli. No surprise why I drove 4.5 hours for the workshop (in all fairness, I am here for the weekend visiting friends and family too). 

The workshop was great! Loved David and his hilarious stories and the class. Much more mellow than what I'm used to because if you know Jonny Kest, you know his classes are way intense! But I needed this mellow class today to slow down and really get into my breath and body. And to keep my cool. 

Found a Vosges Chocolate store near YogaView and bought myself some chocolate to take home.  :-)

Met up with David for coffee. Needless to say, I was quite nervous. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to keep my cool or would totally choke. Thank God I have my breath and I know how to use it. Conversation was great and I learned a lot from this amazing man. I asked what his secret was and he just said, "There's a quote on my friend's shirt and it says, 'Trust in your journey.' So you just need to trust where you're going and where your journey takes you."

Such wisdom comes from great yogis. Trust your journey. Trust where you are right now. You are exactly where you are supposed to be. So I don't have my future figured out yet . . . I think I'm ok with that. I'm perfectly fine living my life day by day, moment for moment. 

As we were walking, Dave asked me what I thought about his workshop and if he thought that others liked it. Well, of course I loved his workshop, it's kinda hard not to love a yoga workshop that ends in a chocolate tasting. :-) And I got rave reviews from all the other people that were in the class too. He proceeded to tell me that I have a beautiful practice, which is always nice to hear from your teacher. I don't exactly know what constitutes a "beautiful practice", but I'll definitely take the compliment. This is the third or fourth person to tell me that I have beautiful practice in the last month, but I honestly think this one meant the most . . . I wonder why. ;-)

So, Dave and I eventually got onto the topic of crushes . . . lol . . . and he asked me to stroke his ego and tell him who. So I putzed around the subject for a while and then finally told him I had a crush on him until I found out he was engaged. Haha, later he told me that he thought I was very beautiful, but he is engaged. My only response to that was, "Yeah, the age gap is a little much for me." And that is totally true. He is 38 and I am 24. Other than yoga, love for music and chocolate, I'm not exactly sure how much we would have in common. After all, he didn't know who Dashboard Confessional was. :-P

Dave commented and thanked me for my kind comments. I like being known as "kind." Normally, I'm not a labels person, but I will take that label gladly. I mean it's better to be kind than cruel right? Dave mentioned that what goes around comes around. And isn't that the truth? You reap what you sow, so why not be kind, loving, and accepting? 

In any case, I had a great coffee "date" with the wonderful David Romanelli. And again, because of my breath, I was able to keep my cool. Most importantly, I was me, just me, completely me. No holding back, no fear of rejection. And I think that was the best part. As nervous as I was, I was still able to be me . . . totally and completely me. And isn't that what life is all about? When you're nervous, scared, or in the face of adversity, the true test is: Are you able to stand your ground and be yourself? My answer: Yes, I am able to be myself no matter what. And that is one of the many lessons yoga has taught me. :-)

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