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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Keeping Your Cool While Practicing Next to Your Crush

So I’m at the Midwest Yoga Conference where I meet an instructor where the first thing he says to the class is, “I have this theory that you fall in love with your first yoga instructor.”

Anyways, I walk into Jonny’s Vinyasa class today and there aren’t any open spaces to place my mat except by the door. Well, my yoga mat then ends up next to David Romanelli, the same instructor I had the day previous.

I decided to put my things down first without making eye contact and I feel someone rub my back and say hi. I look back and it’s David. Then I just put my mat down because he obviously recognized me and that was the closest open space for my mat.

Well I immediately get nervous because I’m practicing next to a yoga instructor who is like my new crush. Will I embarrass myself? How can I stay calm and not get giddy like a teenage girl?

We start with a simple sun A and it’s nice to just feel my breath and movement. We move into a Sun B, which is a bit more complex, including balancing postures that aren’t by any stretch of the mind easy. I never lost my breath . . . and just moved with it. Then we start dancing and I mean dancing. Jonny plays “Dancing with Myself” and we all start dancing on our mats. I totally get into it, without fear of what anyone thinks, I just let my body move and groove and do what it does to a good beat.

At some point during warm ups, Jonny tells a story about this massage he got where his massage therapist put rubber gloves on at some point during the massage. He said it was the best massage of his life. David asked if he was kidding, and I just said, "No, he's really not" with a big smile on my face. 

Then we move into core exercises where we are asked to hold hands with the people next to us. We are supposed to lift them up. I did all the core exercises without giving up, mostly because I was helping other people too. I tell David that he can use me and push on me and he just says that I’m little and I said it’s okay, he can put some weight on me. 

Then we are asked to get a partner and David asks me to be his partner. This was a very intimate yoga partnership. It literally involved one person sitting Indian style and the other person straddling them then the person sitting Indian style crosses their hands behind their back and the person straddling grabs their hand. The person sitting Indian style goes back and the person straddling helps them up. Later I found out that the yoga pose was supposed to be the person using the back of their knees to hold the other person's legs down. 

I had to keep my cool and I couldn’t look David in the face, we would have been total kissing distance, so I kept talking to the girl behind me and turned my head to the side every time I came up so I wouldn’t be face to face with my new yoga crush. What would I do without my breath.

Last night, I’m walking out of the Girish and Janet Stone concert totally exhausted from all the dancing and I see David and Priyanka talking. David looks at me and points at me and says, “She was in my class earlier!” I stopped to say hi to everyone and I talked a bit with them and the whole time I’m just embarrassed because I think that David knows I have a crush on him or Priyanka said something. Well, as everyone is finishing up their conversation, David comes up to me and gives me the best hug ever. It was amazing. I was giddy like a little girl that I couldn’t sleep! So I went and hip hop danced it out for a bit. 

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