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Monday, June 20, 2011

To Go or Not to Go . . .

So I have been blogging about how much I love Chicago, but what I didn't tell anyone was that I received a job offer from Lululemon.

I recently filled out the official application and received an instant reply asking me to come in for an interview . . . on Wednesday! 

I am going to go to the interview, and who knows if I will get it. If I do officially get the job, do I up and move to Chicago? 

Here's what I know:
-I am ready to leave Ann Arbor.
-I really love Chicago.
-If I stay in Ann Arbor for one more year, and only one more year, I can hopefully teach yoga at Center for Yoga, gain some experience with Jonny Kest, and then hopefully have the opportunity to move wherever I'd like. And I also have the possibility to work with a research study where I would teach yoga in the hopes of alleviating some symptoms in depressed patients. I would also have the opportunity to finish the classes needed in order to go to PA school.
-If I go to Chicago, it's an opportunity to spread my wings a bit and enjoy life away from a place I have lived all my life. It's an opportunity to really put myself out there and see what happens. It's an opportunity to live somewhere I never would have guessed I would be and experience something new. Something different and something outside of my comfort box. 

Any thoughts or suggestions?

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  1. My advice is to stay put for an little while longer. There are Lulumon stores everywhere, so just apply to one around here if you want to work there. Chicago can get expensive and most retail stores don't employ fulltime, so you will have to probably pick up another job. If you stay here, you have a great opportunity to get through your feedbacks and possibly work for CFY and/or Lifetime. That additional experience will be gold in the future and open up many more possibilities. Just my two cents :)