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Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Getting Fired From Lululemon Changed My Life

Yup, I said it. I got fired from lululemon. The company that prides itself on making the best technical athletic gear. More recently, the company with the see through pants and the founder who can't speak without inserting his foot into his mouth. 

I got fired for literally asking a question. And those individuals who called my "integrity" into questions were the very people who's integrity was in question. Why? Because they were sleeping with their manager and decided to throw me under the bus to get promoted. Shitty, isn't it? I thought so.

Then I realized that the show goes on, and so does life.

After the initial shock and a much needed vacation to visit my sister and brother-in-law (thanks again!), I have started the job search and guess what?! After my first interview, I got hired! Not just hired, but hired into a better job than I could have every dreamed would happen.

So at first, I applied a bunch of different places, thinking I was too overqualified to work at those places . . . and I was really discouraged.

Then unemployment came back and said they were going to pay me pending an interview. Not too worried about that since I technically did not violate company policy like management thought I did . . . and I have that all in writing. I'm the wrong bitch to mess with . . . just saying.

From there, I relaxed a little, and then started looking for jobs online. Applied for some, sent a bunch of yoga teaching related emails to studios I was interested in. BOOM! Got an interview. Went in today and left with an offer to for not only a teaching slot, but a full time salaried position with the offer to create my own position.

I am really excited. I have never been asked what my salary requirements are and after much deliberation, I sent the email requesting a certain salary given the hours and the rate they are willing to pay me per class.

The best part? This place feels like my vibe, is there to help me grow, is willing to allow me to learn, and is willing to listen to my ideas and allow me to really create something amazing for myself. It's right in line with all that I want to do post social work school AND can connect me to doing the research I'm already interested in.

I am hoping that this isn't too good to be true, but even if it is, I know that getting fired from lululemon was the best thing to happen to me personally and professionally. 

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