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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal!)

It's been a week since I embarked on my self-imposed Lululemon Challenge (aka Amy Saves Money). The BHAG: I will wear every piece of Lululemon I own before I purchase a new piece of Lululemon (with the exception of ONE Power Y Tank!).

Why would anyone do such a thing?! Because I single-handedly get our store to goal . . . just kidding . . . but not really! ;-) I have a huge spending problem at Lululemon. Yes, the product is great and made for quality assurance, but there's a such thing as having too much Lululemon and I've hit that point. Any of my co-workers, family members and friends can and will attest to my Lululemon addiction. My guess is that my current Lululemon wardrobe will last me at least two months. Who knows how much I will save (or put towards my debt!)!

I'm going to continue to blog about this challenge and I will say that I almost failed last week twice when the Fluffin' Awesome Vest came in, along with the Dance Studio Jacket . . . but I didn't! I was strong-willed. Almost failed today when I saw the Right As Rain Jacket, but then decided that I already have a rain jacket I barely wear. Going strong . . . sort of . . .

Here are the pieces I've worn last week:

Wunder Under Crops (SYBL)
Blissed Out Dress (GRNI/WHT)
Universal Wrap (HBLK)
Ebb and Flow Racerback (BLK)
Swiftly Headband (SYBL)
Free to Be Bra (SYBL)
Speedy Runsie (SYBL)
Swiftly Racerbacks (PKLI, VRGR, BLEC)
Groovy Run Shorts (GRNI/WHT)
Speed Shorts (SEMU/ANGW/PLUW, ZIGR, )
Boogie Shorts (color code is so old I don't even remember it)
Cool Racerback *Mod Waves (RAGL/BLK)
In the Flow Crops (VRGR)
Calm SS (blue and white stripes)
Voyage Pullover (NIMB)
Track Attack Shorts (BLK)
Cool Racerback (PKLI)
Straight to Studio Crop (DUNE)

And that's just week one. Stay tuned for more! There's sure to be some crazy outfits coming soon!

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